June 3, 2010


Our awareness of the nature and the environment has considerably increased in the last years. This awareness could have stemmed from the change of weather conditions and the reactions of the earth throughout the world. If you think that today I will make small talk about the weather by reading my introductory sentence, then you are mistaken.

In one of our projects the CEO of a company with its headquarters in Switzerland asked, “What was in place of this plant before it was erected?” after the parties had reached an agreement on the main issues of the negotiation. He further explained himself by asking, “When this plant was built was the environment endangered in any way?” It is interesting to note that his question was not related with the current processes and actions but with the land on which the plant was erected years before. People can be sensitive in a very positive way about environmental problems when they think of purchasing company shares.

Not all of us living in this geography are unfortunately not yet at that sensitivity level. Some plants are damaging the environment still today, leave alone the past, and do not have a positive contribution to the future of this planet. We had visited a subcontractor of one of our clients together with the technical manager of a German company. After the visit the German manager said, “I have seen many such plants but none of them were 2 hours of flight time from Germany.” If that subcontractor were our client, I am sure that we wouldn’t be able to complete that project with success.

As much as we each personally try to protect the environment, it is also important for the owners and managers of the companies to show the necessary awareness and sensitivity in this area. The environmental issues might one day influence the sales of your company shares in an unexpected way.

PS: If you wish to listen to one of my small contributions to environmental protection together with my son, please click on this link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3031306987979679421#

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