April 20, 2022

Unborn projects – UP 1

In the years passed, I have developed many projects, both as part of my business life and as hobby. Some of them turned into brands. (*) Some of them fell short because I was ahead of the time, like my drip irrigation project. But there are some which couldn’t even be “born”. Three of them involved music. I want to share them with you before they get lost in the darkness of history and even in my mind. The story of the first one is below.

UP 1: Facts

The project Facts was built on the Rashomon Effect, which is defined as “the situation that occurs when contradictory or different interpretations of an event are given by different individuals involved in the same event”. This phenomenon takes its name from the movie “Rashomon” directed by Akira Kurosowa and adapted from the combination of two short stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa.

Facts uses songs (composition & lyrics) to present an event, a common experience, and different perspectives of the people involved in that event. For example, “Encounter”, the first Facts product, based on a story I read at that time, is about two old friends meeting on a street years later. One of them is together with a lover. “Encounter” includes 3 separate songs to be sung by those 3 people. The songs reflect what each of them remember, feel and think after seeing each other from afar.

These songs, having different meanings when listened to separately or together, one after the other in any order, reveal the points of view and the world of feeling of each person involved in that specific event.

The professional people I mentioned Facts to and shared the music and lyrics with of “Encounter” did not show much interest in the project. They all expressed their appreciation very kindly, but somehow it was possible to deduce from their facial expressions that they were not quite sure if the subject could be understood. I don’t know if it would have been successful if it could be adapted to a format like a musical show. Facts was a very enjoyable project for me to work on, but being very dependent on third parties for implementation, it took its place in my archive at the draft stage.

Video of the blog: Rashomon Trailer (Akira Kurosawa, 1950)

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