January 18, 2022


I just checked: I’ve been writing blogs since November 4th, 2009. I started to write them under the heading “reflections” embedded at my website mehmetusoyer.com. Until about a year ago they (There are more than 400 of them.) reflected my experiences in business life, trying to help SME owners. In the last months I have only been sharing with you my relationship with music accompanied by some of my musical compositions, which I hope to continue.

Otherwise, my interaction with social media and digital platforms has been limited. Besides my account and this group at LinkedIn, which I use at a certain frequency, I try to sort my music on my YouTube channel “Sound of Mehmet U. Soyer”.

Today I want to make an exception and share with you something interesting I am experiencing in my recent business environment. For some years now, I have been partnering with my son Emre as he built up his new business venture SOYER Decision Advisory (soyerda.com), giving consultancy services in decision making issues.

In September 2020 his co-authored book titled “The Myth of Experience” was published in New York. It has been translated into several languages. Unfortunately, the pandemic did cut down some of the planned activities to make it known by the larger public: signing days, live talks etc.

On January 1st, 2022, we woke up to a surprise. Mr. Mike Lamb, independent from us, had published a 5’40″ video about the book on his YouTube channel called “iluli.”. By yesterday, January 17th, 2022, the video (link given below) titled “The Myth of Experience: Kind and Wicked Learning Environments” had been viewed by more than 300.000 times and still counting. A great new year’s gift for us. The book’s content couldn’t be explained and illustrated better. For me it’s a work of art.

Today I can imagine the power of the digital world much better than before. Somebody gets informed about a book. Likes the idea behind it. Invests into it producing a very professional video. Publishes it on its own account. And it reaches hundreds of thousands of people.

Metaverse or not, I think the digital world we are living in has still so much ground to be discovered. I’m looking forward to experiencing new surprises. :-)

The video of the post: iluli by Mike Lamb – The Myth of Experience: Kind and Wicked Learning Environments

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