November 23, 2021

Who said it’s logical

I recently read that Apple introduced the Apple Music Voice plan. It is said to be a voice control-only access to the service’s catalog of 90 million songs. With it, one should be playing everything — full albums, individual songs, Apple’s playlists.

Years ago, I gave away my cassette library. And built up a CD based one. :-) Of course without the knowledge of what was coming to replace them like Apple Music, Spotify etc. Today, the natural thing would be to give away my CDs and download a music app and continue to listen to music the trendy way. And that also means that I do not need to own the music. I can rent it. And any number of music pieces, recorded anywhere, is available to me at a small monthly charge.

I would be happy to utilize such a system for the furniture at home, for the car I use etc. but not for my music. Although I have the experience with the cassettes and recently with CDs, I am not ready to give up my ownership of the music carried by those CDs. Hence, I went out and bought one of the high quality mp3 players. I saved hundreds of songs, the ones that I enjoy listening to the most, on my new mp3 player.

Recently it is reported: “Many sites, including Spotify, had access issues from Google.” Even if such incidents happen now and then and my mp3 player is unaffected by them, is my approach logical? Not really. But I have control over “my music”. Nobody -except me- can hack my mp3 player. :-)

Music of the post: Stairs Of Logic – Mehmet U. Soyer (Sketches)

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