November 1, 2021

You Tell Me

When was that summer when the skies were blue?
The bright red cardinal flew down from his tree
You tell me

When was that summer when it never rained?
The air was buzzin’ with the sweet old honeybee
Let’s see
You tell me

Were we there?
Was it real?
Is it truly how I feel?
You tell me

That’s how Paul McCartney put his feelings and thoughts into words in his song from 2007, You Tell Me. Nowadays, when I listen to some of the music I composed years ago, I am also compelled to ask someone: you tell me too, why I wrote that music. :)

We all must reconstruct the past according to our memory crumbs and the current feeling mode we are in as we listen to a certain piece of music from that past. And left only to me, I’m not so sure how exact or truthful I would be in describing those moments today.

Even if the music was written about someone or because of someone, that person most probably won’t know or remember now after such a long time the instance the composition was based upon.

The good thing is that everyone listening to a music piece draws her/his own picture depending on the feelings and thoughts induced by that sound.

The attached song is one of such compositions I produced ages ago.

Music of the post: Was it real? – Mehmet U. Soyer (Sketches)

Mehmet U. Soyer © 2009-2021

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