July 5, 2021


For me listening to music is an enjoyable event in almost any setting. For example, while swimming… When you put a waterproof mp3 player on your ears, even the strokes can become a part of the music you are listening to.

I enjoy among the different settings also the streets. And the music of the street performers. Their most frequently used instrument is the guitar; the accordion is another one that contributes greatly to their music. Whether it’s a single person or a group, listening to a good street performance can be mesmerizing. Especially if that music invites passers-by to dance, the picture that emerges may be beyond their imagination of those who are living that moment.

Thanks to my dear arranger, wonderful guitarist, Cenk Erdoğan, the song, No.1, at the bottom of this article, includes both an accordion and a guitar. And whistling as a bonus. It is up to you to imagine the dancing part. :)

Song of the: No. 1 (MUS161103) – Mehmet U. Soyer (transparent)

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