April 27, 2021

Love at first sound

Video and music channels play new songs over and over again because we usually get to like a music piece after frequently listening to it. But I “fall in love” with some songs the first time I hear them. Examples?

- Zürich, Switzerland 1988. I turned on the TV in my hotel room to check the weather. They were airing music videos. A minute later I hardly could wait to see the name of the piece playing. Tanita Tikaram, it read, with the song called “Twist In My Sobriety.”

- Feldkirch, Austria, 2002. I was walking around the town center. As I was passing by a music shop a song called me in: “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” The CD I bought named the singer as Ronan Keating.

- Istanbul, Turkey, 2011. I was working on my computer at home. Suddenly I was startled by the music coming from the TV in the living room. I ran towards the music. It was Adele singing the piece “Someone Like You”.

I thought a lot, why those songs are different from the others. I bought their music sheets, studied them, played them, but I haven’t found the reason for “love at first sound” yet. Maybe there is someone among you who knows it. ☺

Music of the post: Thanks to M. – Mehmet U. Soyer (song by song)

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