February 1, 2021

HERITAGE, Part 3/5 – The Letter

Writing the letter to Anjelika Akbar took approximately 1 month. In the beginning it was not even clear to whom it would be written.

I had decided to work with a consultant for the piano pieces, but I didn’t know how and with whom. Two of my friends, who were concert pianists, came to my mind. Unfortunately they were living abroad. The next step was to list the pianists living not very far from me. I asked Google. ☺

Anjelika Akbar’s name, whose CDs I enjoyed to listen to, was on the list I did put together. By chance I found out that her house was close to my apartment. I decided to start with her first, as I looked for a solution to my problem. “I have a project and I want to be consulted by you,” I wrote.

We met 3 times before Ms. Akbar agreed to be my advisor. Each time she questioned my purpose and the work to be done. At our 3rd meeting, she showed me to the white grand piano standing in the middle of the hall and asked me to play the drafts of the 8 pieces.

I was one step closer to the solution.☺

To be continued …

Music of the post: Hayal – Mehmet U. Soyer (Untold Stories)

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