December 29, 2020

HERITAGE, Part 2/5 – Untold Stories

As I do with every project, I gave a name to it: “Untold Stories” with a secondary title “To my son Emre …”.

As to its content:
- A 15 track CD
- An introductory piece to be played on piano (one of 8 selected)
- The remaining 7 tracks to be played twice each
a) by solo piano b) by a band after lyrics are written
- 7 songs had to be arranged

Hence, 3 questions emerged:
- Who will make the arrangements?
- Who will play the piano pieces?
- Who will write lyrics for 7 songs?

For the arrangements, I had Mehmet Esemen, with whom I had worked on “In the Morning of a Day,” listen to the draft melodies of the 8 songs I chose. He was ready to work in the project. This problem was resolved quickly.

I thought I had to play the solo piano pieces due to the “heritage” philosophy of the project. I believed my pieces weren’t too bad, but my playing might have ruined the whole project. Maybe I could reduce this risk by working with a consultant.

I knew I could write the lyrics because of In the Morning of a Day and a few other trials. 7 pieces was a bit much, but worth a try.

The Untold Stories Project had begun.☺

To be continued…

Music of the post: Bugun – Mehmet U. Soyer (Untold Stories)

Mehmet U. Soyer © 2009-2020

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