October 7, 2020

Composers & Performers

Sometimes, after listening to a music piece at a concert, for a second or two I imagine myself as one of the musicians I’ve just seen performing – knowing I would never be able to play an instrument as good as they do.

However, it is not that easy to imagine yourself as the composer of that music piece you’ve just listened to. You may not even know how (s)he looks like, let alone why (s)he composed that piece of music.

People in the music world say that a composer needs a performer, an interpreter of his/her composition unlike a creator in plastic arts, like a painter, etc.

A composer can be a performer of her/his own artwork, too. However, s(he) is not always a perfect instrumentalist. Creation of a composition and its delivery to audiences are two different aspects of musical art.

In my case, I am one of the worst existing piano players. ☺ I generally use the piano as a tool during the creation process of my music. Except for the 8 piano pieces of the Untold Stories CD all my compositions are played by professional performers. I played those 8 myself because that CD was my legacy to my son. ☺

Music of the post: Mehmet U. Soyer – Haydi Gel Sen De (Untold Stories)

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