March 25, 2010

Tear drops

A few days ago I found myself stuck in traffic. I was bored of sitting in my car so I started looking around. I saw two teenagers on the pavement, a boy and a girl, standing a few meters to my right side. They were 17 or 18 years old. They were standing there silently. I noticed that their eyes were somewhat swollen and red, most probably because of crying. As befitting such situations, they were not looking at each other. With all their being they were transmitting the sorrow, stemming from having to do something they did not wish for. I felt that the time to break-up had arrived for them due to maybe personal or social reasons.

I wanted to get out of my car and approach them to say,”Are you crazy? Forget everything, just enjoy the day.” Of course, I didn’t do it. Next time I witness such a scene, I might… (even if I might hear some rough words from both of them… :-))

I could link this episode of tear drops of two teenagers to the emotinal behavior of some of my clients during the acquisition process. In one case, at the stage of signing the share purchase agreement, my client, a strong man at the peak of his business life, started to cry saying that he was selling his child. This triggered the purchaser, a highly successful business woman, to start crying too. Another one of my clients had his eyes full and shining while he told me that he loved his brother and so had to sell his company shares in order not to endanger his relationship with him. Although I could dwell on the influence of personal emotions in mergers and acquisitions for some more lines, I would like to conclude this essay by expressing my hope that the two teenagers I had observed are now sitting in a café and smiling to each other.

I wish you all a week without any tear drops from a sunny Bucharest.

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