September 23, 2020

Looking for a third singer in Barcelona

It was sometime in 2012. My son, Emre, and I had written a book, “song by song”. It was a fiction in English with a CD. The music in the CD was reflecting the feelings of the characters since the written part of the book was only of descriptive nature. We wanted to try something new. Hence the book was not for sale, only to be given as a gift.

We were looking for 3 native English singers, 2 to voice our 2 main characters in the first 9 songs in the CD and a third one for the last song. The first 2 were found in Barcelona. Together with our arranger we traveled to Barcelona. We decided to continue looking for the missing third singer as the recording of the 9 songs started.

As we were nearing the end of the recording sessions, our searches for the third singer had still brought no results. We could record the tenth song in a studio in a different city but it would need a lot of unnecessary cost and effort.

I don’t know who had the idea. We offered the task to Emre. So the last piece on the CD, “Future”, was voiced by him. The solution had been with us all the time. ☺

Music of the post: Future – Emre Soyer & Mehmet U. Soyer

Mehmet U. Soyer © 2009-2020

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