September 10, 2020

One music, two names

Each song has its unique story for its composer though the listeners may have their own visualizations as they listen to it.

As I wrote in one of my blogs in 2017, I found out that students in film making had problems with finding music for their short film projects.

In 2016 I uploaded 5 of my existing compositions at the YouTube channel “Ears to Eyes“, ready for the free use by such students. Not to influence them by giving away my stories behind them, I replaced the names of the songs with my initials MUS followed by some numbers.

Already some projects have been brought to life using those music pieces. Sadly, I cannot share those videos since they all involve some kind of third party rights.

Separately I stored these live played 5 songs, with the idea to distribute them to my friends, in a flash disk embedded in a card. I called the set of songs “transparent” instead of “Ears to Eyes“, whereby I designated the songs with their real names, Beauty, Birthday, No.1, Silence Stones and Thanks.

The video of the song below, Birthday, reflects our days in the studio as we recorded the 5 songs.

Music of the post: Birthday (MUS161101) – Mehmet U. Soyer

Mehmet U. Soyer © 2009-2020

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