August 26, 2020

Thank you…

… for being my reader. In the last 10 years with more than 400 blog posts written, I shared with you my experience and knowledge concerning various aspects of doing business, especially about current and future partnerships. All of them can be viewed at

I hope I could somehow be of benefit and/or help to you.

As you know each blog post was accompanied by a music piece. I hope you enjoyed listening to them, too.

Not to repeat myself and to communicate with you at a different level, I think the time has come to make some changes in my blogging habits:
- from giving advice to sharing stories
- from businessman to composer
- from talking money to keeping up with friends

My compositions will be part of the writings.

The new set of posts will still be available under reflections at my webpage and under the LinkedIn group Mehmet U. Soyer’s Blog Platform.

Time also to leave the business world? No. ☺ Please check my LinkedIn profile for my current involvements.

Again… thanks for being my reader.

Music of the post: 1967 – Mehmet U. Soyer – Untold Stories

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