March 18, 2010

The company in the warehouse

Do you market your products by just putting them in a warehouse… hoping that the door of the warehouse will be left open one day… an interested party will walk in front of the door… will see your products… then will contact you to buy your products? Most shareholders behave as depicted above when they decide to have a new partner in their company. We can see that some of the wise men surrounding the shareholders support such an approach. Most of the company owners must have heard the wise words, “Your make-up should be in place so that you are ready when someone knocks on your door with the aim of purchasing your company shares.”

The shareholders of a company knowingly or intuitively try to apply the requirements of marketing when they market their products and services. However, they tend to forget such marketing steps when they decide to sell their company shares. What is lacking here is the understanding that the company shares are also a kind of commodity and thus are needed to be marketed.

The basic aim of marketing is to inform a target market, who we believe will benefit from the utilization of our products and services, about the advantages of our products and services.

Marketing should be made by experienced people and organizations who are knowledgeable on the marketing methods. Then I have a question for you. Why do most of the shareholders contact first their lawyers and financial advisors when they decide to sell their company shares? I don’t think that they seek help from these professionals for marketing the products and services of their company. I believe that I shall have to expand this subject at a future date.

Once you start to consider your company shares as a product, then your whole vision will change. You don’t need to wait for the arrival of the prince on the white horse to come to your assistance, but you go out in the market pro-actively and explain to your target group the benefits of a partnership with your company.

Of course, I don’t need to emphasize that the chance of meeting with your prince on the white horse increases considerably when you operate pro-actively.

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