August 21, 2019

Have you done almost everything you wanted to do in life?

The question in the headline was directed at the two cousins sitting across from me, who wanted to learn exactly when it’s the best time to sell their business. Their answers were both “No!”.

It is one of my several questions to the shareholders of the companies who come to visit us to learn the basics behind sharing/selling their business. Usually they are not 100% sure about what to do. ☺

Sometimes things around us, especially in business, move so fast that we lose track of time. We are inclined to think that life will go on as it is. For business owners it is very probable to wake up one day to find there are so many things they still want to do but for which they now lack the resources, physically/mentally/ financially etc.

That day even that “No” was enough to let my visitors think quite strongly about finding a new partner.☺

Song of the blog: Ace of Base – All That She Wants

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