June 19, 2019

How many sounds can 4 hands play simultaneously on one instrument?

A standard piano with 81 keys has a width of about 150 cm. Hence it is possible for composers to write songs for 2 people sitting next to each other. With their 4 hands they can play 20 notes at the same time.

Other musical instruments don’t allow for such “comfortable” performance conditions, let alone having 2 people or 4 hands working at it. There are some examples in the case of guitars, where 2 musicians can play together on one piece of equipment. Only 6 notes can be played simultaneously.

Partnerships are not easy to sustain. A condition for a longer business life together lies in separating in detail the issues each partner is responsible for. If they have 20 issues divided among themselves, the partnership will have more chance to survive than when there are only 6 issues. With 20 there is less chance to enter the area of responsibility of the other partner.

If you want to share your business, prepare a list for your 10 fingers beforehand.

Music of the blog: Duo Siqueira Lima – Tico Tico no Fubá

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