February 27, 2019

Last days of A380

Recently the media reported that the aircraft manufacturer Airbus had announced it would end production of its A380 superjumbo passenger jet after failing to secure orders.

It can happen to all companies, small or big. Forecasting sales/orders is not an easy task. Even a company like Airbus, employing about 130,000 people and being one of the two main suppliers of big size aircrafts, can miscalculate what the future will bring.

Airbus most probably will not be effected much from this decision since it has a large backlog for other types of planes.

If you are an SME owner, you will make forecasts every year. If you make an error similar to that of Airbus, which I know happened to almost all my clients at least once in the past, you may not have other products/services necessary to make up for the missing sales.

Having a partner in the company, with stronger financial muscles than you do, helps a lot to overcome such troublesome periods.

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