May 31, 2018

If your product were Moonlight Sonata…

Assume you are an artist… a painter, a photographer, a sculptor or a composer. Somebody who creates art.

Let’s take the composer as an example. You know that you need a presence in the market and hence want to have a partner who will work with you to build your brand worldwide. The first thing your potential partners will check will be your “products”. They will want to listen to your compositions.

One way of showing them your products is to play them your compositions yourself. Another way would be for somebody else to do it for you. Not because you cannot play well but in order to apply the best way possible to impress the listening party.

Also assume that one of your products is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (I have great respect for Beethoven… It’s just an assumption to make my case. ☺) I have watched it played by some of the best musicians on earth. Each of them would master the sonata in a very special and personalized way as your potential partners listen. But there will always be one or two among them who will come with an idea that will make the listeners jump from their seats.

In my judgment one such performance would be the one by Lola & Hauser. Viewing them, I would immediately tell you that I am interested in the partnership. Even if you are not Beethoven and your product is not the Moonlight Sonata. ☺

How you communicate about your product is as important as your product.

Music of the blog: Lola & Hauser – Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)

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