April 5, 2018

Which one is your “Happy Birthday”?

Nicole Pesce is an American pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger, who entertains audiences with her unique blend of virtuosity and humor. Nicole’s YouTube “Happy Birthday Variations” video currently has over four million views. The variations are based on the styles of big masters like Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Bach and Mozart.

They are all great but I’m sure each listener of that video finds one of the variations more appealing to himself/herself more than the others.

Each business owner has also his/her own style of explaining his/her business. Usually it is derived from the style acquired, as they have been marketing/selling their products/services, which usually is not the best option when marketing your company shares.

If you are looking for a partner for your company, remember that you have competitors. Somebody looking to buy your company shares will for sure also talk with some of them, who may also be eager to share their business.

It is always good to learn what kind of a “style” the potential partners like to hear before you play your version of “Happy Partnership” to them… at least to increase the possibility of being the “preferred” one. A carefully set up pre-presentation communication will help you to quite accurately estimate their taste.

Video of the blog: Nicole Pesce – Happy Birthday Variations

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