July 14, 2016

The last second basket

Assume you are watching a basketball game. Team A is losing 78 to 76 and it is the last 2 seconds in the game. At that point one player of team A, seeing the clock ticking its last seconds, throws the ball in the direction of team B’s basket. And it goes in as a 3 pointer! Team A wins the match 79 to 78.

The next morning the critics praise team A. They would have written the same words about team B if that ball, at the last second, had not been a basket.

There is sometimes only one “basket” between losing and winning in business too. Or whenever there are two parties involved with opposing interests. It is sometimes money, sometimes time, sometimes egos that count.

We sometimes forget that not everything has to be “won”. Not always the last ball counts. To have a win-win case it is also important to understand what the underlying process is.

It is an art to manage the business or social game field in such a way that both parties have the feeling that they have won 78.1 to 77.9 as they leave the field although the scoreboard shows 78 to 78.

The oldie of the week: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – Hold Tight (1966)

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