February 25, 2010

The moment of decision…

We usually know which company our client decides to have as a partner before he tells us about it  and when this decision is made. It is possible to see that the reasons underlying this decision are most often not financial.

In one of our projects the potential buyers had visited our client already, to make the initial meetings, and then it was our turn to visit 4 of those potential acquirers. All four of those companies were in Europe and geographically not very far from each other. Thus, we decided to go from one prospective company to the other by train.

As we finished our meeting with the second company in our tour, the CEO of that company told us that he would take us to the train station. We had no objections to the fact that the top manager of a company with a turnover of approximately 3 billion dollars would be our driver. :-)

When we arrived at the train station, we took our suitcases from the car and held our hands to shake goodbye, but the CEO told us that he wanted to help us in buying the tickets. Again we had no objections. We bought the tickets and noted that we had 20 minutes for our train. We were about to tell the CEO, “You don’t have to wait. We can manage from now onwards.” However, he looked at the train schedule in the station and told us that there would be another train suitable for us in 2 minutes. Then, he grabbed the suitcase of my client and started to run. Of course, we ran after him.

We caught that train. As our train moved, he waved his goodbye to us and we started to calm down from our running. My client settled himself comfortably in his seat and said: “What a gentleman!.”

Which company did my client choose as a partner? It was of course the company of the ‘gentleman’…

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