June 16, 2016

Compatibility test for $199

On 26 May 2016 Meghan Nesmith in theguardian.com reported about a startup in the online dating service sector, Instant Chemistry, a company built on the premise that your DNA could help you to figure out whom to love.

Instant Chemistry works like so: you and your partner sign up to receive a “relationship kit” containing two saliva receptacles, which you spit into and send back to the company.

After you take Instant Chemistry’s test, you and your partner will receive a booklet explaining how likely it is that you and your partner will remain physically attracted to each other over time. The total cost for the test is $199.

Reading about this application in social life I immediately thought about how to use it in business life. Going to your partner or your manager in the company and asking her/him to spit into a receptacle might be a way to learn about how long you’ll be working there. ☺

As I usually tell business owners, relationships in business life can be defined with much thicker lines than those in social life. In social life it might be possible to keep a partnership alive using emotional factors. But it is much more harder to do it in business life even if you spit for $199 for that aim and receive a positive feedback.

To read the article by Meghan Nesmith: Swapping spit: what saliva can reveal about your romantic relationship

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