May 19, 2016

Say something

Christina Aguilera sings in her song Say Something:

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one, if you want me to

It might be your social relationship or the business one, your friend or your company. They might stop talking to you. Then you might feel lonely and left out. And it is already too late to be “the one”.

In such a case, usually there is not much to do. We are all human and think we can control everything. The reality in general is just the opposite. The only solution left is to leave, as Christina continues to sing:

And I will swallow my pride
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye

But you can prevent such an experience from happening to others, even if there is the smallest chance of still being together: say something, in case you are the one, who thinks to stop talking.

The oldie of the week: Christina Aguilera – Say Something (2011)

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