April 7, 2016

Bureaucratic barriers to marketing

I was invited as a speaker to talk about blogging and social media at the annual meeting of a worldwide operating company, active in its field for more than 30 years. People working on the local marketing side of the business were also attending the event. The company was spending big sums on its marketing campaigns. Their marketing slogan was “We are one of the leading companies.” But there was no evidence backing this claim.

A presentation delivered involved also a list that is periodically published by a renowned research institution comparing the companies in that sector. The presenter announced that the company would end up in the first place in the next list to be published soon, above all companies including the worldwide known ones in this industry. As he answered a question he said that in the previous years the management refrained from entering this list due to some internal “bureaucratic” reasons.

The listeners liked the idea very much. None of them got upset. I was surprised.

You have the opportunity to be on a list that shows your position in the market. You would be shown as the industry leader. And you have not used this opportunity due to some bureaucratic reasons for years.

Check where you are in your industry, if you haven’t done so already. Especially, if you’re thinking to sell your business. I don’t think that you will be so naive as not to be using all the supportive facts if you’re leading the pack but it also gives you the possibility to think about arguments if it doesn’t look so great.

The oldie of the week: The Beatles – Nowhere Man (1966)

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