January 21, 2016

Value of Ajax

Ajax is one of the important teams of the Dutch Football League. The team is known worldwide. Its brand value doesn’t decrease in the short term even if it loses a match.

Ajax, just like any other brand, needs to be in the news to ensure the sustainability of its brand value. Of course, for a football team championship is the most important event to ensure this. However, it is hard to be the champion each year. Other events are needed to be in the news.

Like in many countries also in the Netherlands the Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. I don’t know who had the unique idea but the Ajax players entered the field for their match on last year’s Mother’s Day holding the hands of their mothers, instead of the hands of children as they have always been doing.

Emotion plays a big role in securing attention on a brand’s value, sometimes even more than the results. And what can be more emotional than our relationship with our mothers.

Even if the contribution of this action on the market value of Ajax may not be seen immediately, without doubt it supports the sustainability of its brand value.

To view Ajax players in telegraph .co.uk: Ajax players celebrate Mother’s Day in unique sytle


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