October 22, 2015


A serenade is a little song or piece of music, with its performer having a single listener for a specific reason. Typically the performers come to the listener and not vice versa. Since there is no seating available at such a makeshift venue, a serenade is mostly presented in a standing position, hence the name in German, Staendchen. The serenade under the balcony of the beloved is a popular cliché of European culture as it is also reflected in popular hits like in Franz Schubert’s Serenade: Staendchen.

In the medieval tradition serenades were mainly used for advertising, the singer usually accompanied by a harp or lyre.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if managers of the companies interested in buying the shares of your company would sing for you as they played their harps.

The good news is: you can have that! Maybe not in the form of a Schubert’s composition but through the pages of a very interesting offer.

And when do people think to advertise the most? When there is competition.

Create competition among potential purchasers for your company shares or for anything you want to sell, and so increase your chances for listening to beautiful serenades. ☺

To listen to a Schubert’s serenade by Camille Thomas and Beatrice Berrut: Ständchen

The oldie of the week: The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand (1963)

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