February 4, 2010

Happiness consultancy…

We don’t find these two words in any of the myriad of written material for businessmen. In some of my business meetings I mention that a part of our job is ‘happiness  consultancy’.

None of us goes to bed at night by wishing that we will wake up in the morning being unhappier than this past day. On the contrary, during our whole lives we strive to be happier and more content. The same thoughts and wishes are valid when we establish our businesses.

During my seminars I ask the participants about the reasons for establishing a business. I receive various answers, like ‘to earn money’ and ‘to secure the future of my children’. (One of the answers that impressed me was, “If I don’t have my company, where will I go in the mornings?” Some seem to  have different needs. :-)) I tell them that a company is formed with the aim of selling it. Even the partners of the most successful companies need to ‘sell their company shares’ one day by going public.

The important issue is whether or not we will possess those things that will bring contentment to us once we sell our company shares. Money is one of such issues. In addition to money also the other conditions should support our list of items as we look for a higher level of happiness.

Awareness is required to prepare such a list. You have to set yourself aims for what you want to achieve in your life and about what you want to do. Only then you can have an action plan according to those aims. If I ask you “could you please describe the way to me“, you would first try to learn where I want to go. Similarly, it is important to determine what you want out of your life before you start the process of selling your company shares.

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