September 10, 2015

Love found by survey

I assume none of us enjoy the ads distributed between the videos we are watching in YouTube. We have to accept it as the cost of “having it free”, I think. Though some of them are interesting as an ad.

Such a case for me was the video made for the company SurveyMonkey. (SurveyMonkey is an online cloud based survey development company, founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley.)

The video is about a man planning his next birthday party, who sent out a survey to learn what he could do differently this time and met his wife during this process. He had started his project with another purpose, namely to know what others think so as to try to act accordingly.

If you are considering selling your business you need to act similarly . Imagine that you are organising a “sales party” and make a list of questions which could be asked to the interested parties about what they want to do in the party. The answers will provide you with information on how you should act.

As to the list of the “interested parties”? Just think. Who would enjoy to attend such a party? You’ll have the list.

To watch the ad: Adam and Deborah: A SurveyMonkey Love Story

The oldie of the week: Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (1966)

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