August 13, 2015

Leaving a lover (partner)

It seems to me that literature and lyrics prefer more often than not the theme of leaving the lover over meeting one. ☺

Recently during a research I stumbled upon the reasons declared for leaving a lover. Many of these reasons were quite similar to the ones I have been hearing in the business world as partnerships break or new partners are sought. Following the urge to list some of the reasons for leaving a lover together with the ones for (leaving a business partner), I got the following main headings:

- I am not worthy of you. (I would like to get out of this partnership without much distress and without jeopardising your credibility.)
- Through time we developed in different directions. (My expectations are not realised. We don’t share the same vision in business anymore.)
- You don’t want to have children. (I would like to make new investments whereas you want more income.)
- You don’t treat me the way I treat you. (You don’t respect me anymore.)
- Our love has ended. (A new partnership is waiting for me/I know that you are looking for a new partner.)
- etc.

As I always write: each relationship has an end. Even if there are no other reasons, death would separate lovers and partners from each other. If you had enjoyed life while you were together, you are a lucky person. ☺

The oldie of the week: Lynn Anderson – How Can I Unlove You (1971)

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