July 30, 2015

Name of the waltz

According to nexos. com:
During the 1833 Carnival in Vienna the composer Johann Strauss thought up something new to attract the interest of the public for his benefit ball at the Sperl in Leopoldstadt. He had written a new waltz and invited visitors to the ball to find a title for the work. The idea proved to be very effective. All the rooms at the Sperl were overfilled and in the large ballroom there was such a press that barely a third of the dancers found enough room to move around.

At the entrance to the establishment every visitor had taken a slip of paper and was asked to write on it a title for the new waltz, which was to be played for the first time. When the coda was over, the chest was opened. A girl, blindfolded, picked out a slip of paper. On this was written: Tausendsapperment-Walzer (Devil Take It Waltz). Johann Strauss let the work be published under that title.

As the world becomes more and more a single market thanks to technological developments and due to the need of the entrepreneurs to grow their companies as fast as possible, the “craze” for M&A will continue.

If you want to sell shares of your company you have to think more and more on the lines of Mr. Johann Strauss to catch the interest of the investors. Investors are also dancers. ☺ I am confident that some would be quite interested to dance to a new music they themselves have named.

How does one do it? First of all, you must show that you can make new music. Secondly, find all the people who would like to dance. Asking them to name your product would then be a child’s game. Wouldn’t it? ☺

To listen to Johann Strauss’ waltz: Tausendsapperment-Walzer

The oldie of the week: Chubby Checker – The Twist (1960)

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