July 16, 2015

No more rotten apples!

According to news in theguardian.com on February 14, 2015, US regulators have approved what would be the first commercialized biotech apples, whereby the flesh of the fruit will retain a fresh appearance long after it is sliced.

I don’t know much about such issues but The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) in US says the genetic changes that prevent browning could be harmful to human health.

You’ll know my first question: would you eat those apples or not?

But I have a second one: if you were selling land, would you sell it to a company that grows these apples?

Or similarly for any other business owner: would you sell your company shares to a purchaser who would use a potentially environmentally harmful methodology to manufacture its products? Or not?

I cannot answer this question for you; it is a personal one.

But I can ask another question: would your decision on the above question be different if the potential purchaser offered to pay two or three times more than the other interested parties?

And a last one: Do you know how much environmental damage your last purchase caused when it was manufactured?

To read the article in theguardian.com: Canadian company’s genetically modified apples win US approval

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