May 7, 2015

Goodbye my love…

That is what you say when you are leaving somebody or something that you love… It is also the refrain of a beautiful song by Demis Roussos, “Goodbye My Love, Goodbye”.

Hear the wind sing a sad old song
It knows I’m leaving you today
Please don’t cry or my heart will break
When I go on my way
Goodbye my love, goodbye

He said his last Goodbye on January 25th, 2015.

As when any musician I feel ‘close to’ dies, news of his death brought back some old memories. A journey through my life, sound-tracked by his music: some good memories, some bad. At the end of that journey I usually feel a satisfaction and think how lucky I have been to live and now remember all those moments.

Saying your last goodbye to your company, well… I have gone through that process five times already, and it stirs up similar feelings. The music that was so familiar for years is now stopping. Something new and unknown is starting. Habits are not easy to break.

So, if you are selling your business, get yourself – your brain and soul – prepared. Try to visualize the life after the sale.

And a last goodbye to Demis Roussos: thanks for walking with me through all those years!

Demis Roussos in concert: Goodbye My Love, Goodbye

The oldie of the week: Joe Cocker, Jennifer Warnes – Up Where We Belong (1982)

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