April 23, 2015

“Looking for my love!”

I really don’t put forward any conditions (…) Well, I’m not asking for a head turner… but should be someone somewhat attractive. (…) Age? Not important at all. Maturity is what’s important (…) Yes, you’re right. We have to have a spacious house in a good neighborhood. We should travel quite often (…) Some expensive gifts now and then wouldn’t hurt (…) Be in love? Of course, we should be in love with each other. Actually, I am looking for my love!

The issue here is not the gender of the person with the wish list above, but some of the conditions attached to the process of looking for love. Should financial considerations be so important?

For an SME owner selling a part of his/her business, acquiring a partner is a personal affair… just like falling in love. And if you try to base this transaction mainly on non-personal issues, then you are increasing the probability of experiencing a ‘bad marriage’ after the partnership.

Price shouldn’t be the main consideration – I would always advise clients to choose a partner that they really want to work with, one whose vision is in line with theirs, before they say ‘I do’.

Those who say that they fell in love with their partners after they’ve got married are not within our remit! ☺

The oldie of the week: Bee Gees – To Love Somebody (1967)

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