March 12, 2015

Happy at last

Here’s an excerpt from the book Happy At Last by Richard O’Connor: “The more television you watch, the more you see people who are richer than you. The result is that you overestimate the income of real people, and rate your income unrealistically lower. So the more television you watch, the less happy you become.”

I’m not sure whether that rings true or not for you – the media influences us all in different ways.

On the other hand, positive news about company acquisitions in the financial pages or on TV may influence you to think your company is worth more than you had anticipated. It might make you feel good.

But there’s a flipside. The media usally does not report about thousands of companies that were put up for sale, but were not succesful in getting any attention.

When you start looking for an acquirer, your company’s real worth is what the potential purchasers wish to pay for your shares, and under competitive conditions at that date.

I do not remember many of our clients saying, “Wow, how great!” to the first offer they receive. But as offers improve during the sale process, they often change their mood, adjust their perspective, and start to show their happiness.

As O’Connor says: “Happiness is largely a matter of attitude.”

To review and purchase the book of Richard O’Connor: Happy At Last

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