February 12, 2015

Selling the future – to yourself…

Various moments in our life cause us to experience, albeit temporarily, some of the realities of our existence. Births, weddings, funerals, illness, and so on. They make us pause, and reflect.

I say ‘temporarily’ because once a certain period of time passes after a major event, we can quite quickly forget to “value each moment of life”. I remember, for example, my mobile phone ringing just a few minutes after a funeral service – the call was from an important client, of course – which pulled me back to my daily routine.

Daily life can both motivate us to run fast, and can also drain our energy. On one hand it provides us with things to do so that we don’t “get bored”, but on the other hand it stops us making time for the things that we want to do. Although new developments in technology seem to provide solutions in this regard, in reality they may make the situation even harder.

So what do you really want to do? Write a book? Sail the world? Learn a new language? How many of us have made a list of those and have sold the necessity of doing them to oneself?

In life we are always in a position to sell the future to someone. To our clients, our children, our parents, our creditors…. I think that, if we are to sell the future to someone, the first such client should be ourselves.

What kind of a future should I envisage for myself? And what targets should I have? If necessary, to achieve those targets, I might even have to sell my company.

Then, whenever my mobile phone rings, I can say to myself, “I am living each moment of my life as I want it to be”. And that’s regardless who the caller is, and what he has to say.

The oldie of the week: Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World (1967)

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