October 9, 2014

Show your nose!

As well as being an undisputed genius, Mozart was one of the most productive and prolific composers. By the time of his death at the age of just 35, he had created over 600 compositions.

According to storycompositions.com, Mozart once tricked his fellow composer Haydn, taunting him that he would never be able to play a piece Mozart had just written.

Haydn – something of a genius himself – sat at the harpsichord and began to play from the manuscript… and then stopped abruptly. The score showed a note to be played right in the centre of the keyboard while the right hand was playing the high treble notes, and the left hand was occupied by the low bass.

“Nobody can play this with only two hands!” Haydn exclaimed.

“I can,” Mozart said quietly. He sat down, played perfectly, and when he reached the debated portion of his composition, he bent over and struck the central key with his nose.

“With a nose like yours,” Haydn responded, “it becomes easier.”

A prospective partner for your company might want you to continue leading the company after your new partnership commences. Their managers will look for any specialities you have, any specific skills or expertise which you and you alone possess, and where you can support them.

My advice? Help them!

Make it clear to your new partners just how much your employees worship you. Prove how you are welcomed like a family friend at your favourite restaurant. Demonstrate with glee how you got one over your competitors in the last tender…

You know what I mean: show your nose!

Listen to one of Mozart’s compositions he wrote at the age of 25: Variations on “Ah vous dirai-je, Maman”

The oldie of the week: George McCrae – Rock Your Baby (1974)

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