November 6, 2014

Technology affecting sunbathing habits

Once it was a sign of freedom, of liberation, of women’s rights… but according to French Elle, women have stopped sunbathing topless in France.

According to the magazine, the main reasons for this decision are threefold: 1) the dangers of skin cancer; 2) the sexually objectified perception of topless women; and 3) the rise of breast-affiliated activism – chiefly Femen.

But according to a follow-up report in, there is another reason, and it is a sign of the times. What if someone takes a picture, and it ends up on Facebook?

We have to accept that times are changing. For better or worse, technology is altering the way we act and think. It can even affect some people’s sunbathing habits – issues we had not even thought of a few years back have started to become sources of serious angst.

These new conditions are true also when you are selling your business. You are under the influence of your environment. But you might not be aware of all the changes in that environment, either.

I’m not saying that a compromising photo of you will show up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But perhaps a speech you gave five years ago – and which you wouldn’t want people to see today – might be wandering around aimlessly on the Internet.

Selling your business is an exercise in communication. One of the main points of any communication project is to foresee – and prepare for – all the variables that can happen along the way. Only then can you manage the process accordingly.

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