July 31, 2014

Being a living legend

Paul McCartney was among the audience at a Bruce Springsteen concert in London in 2012. After Springsteen invited him on the stage, Sir Paul learned that the orchestra had actually been practising two McCartney-penned pieces in advance. It was late in the evening, and the two great musicians lost themselves so thoroughly in the music that the managers of the venue had to unplug the sound system. ☺

That’s Sir Paul McCartney – one of the few living legends. The business world has its equivalents, but not many.

The question is: when is the right moment to leave a business, so you can still be called back as a living legend? I think you have to take that decision before your company experiences any serious problems, and without alienating any people in your sector. Unfortunately, we see very few former businessmen who are invited back to centre stage, even for a short time. And I am not including cries of “Help me, brother, the business is in trouble!”

For me, experienced business owners are an invaluable resource, and we should look to honour them and to learn something from them, just like Springsteen honoured Sir Paul. That said, they should help us in calling them back by not harming their business before they leave!

To view the Bruce Springsteen concert in London, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Sergio Mendes – Never Gonna Let You Go (1983)

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