May 8, 2014

Without a beginning or an end

Concerning what we talked about yesterday :-) Luck???
I think there is no luck or coincidence :-) There is only what you want and what you believe in, full stop.

To this message I responded as follows:
Thank you very much for your comment.
By your saying “full stop” I understand that you don’t want to talk about this issue anymore. :-) However, I don’t remember what we talked about yesterday. Moreover, I don’t remember talking to you at all. :-) I’ll be very happy if you could refresh my memory.

I received the answer without much delay:
I am very sorry Mr. Soyer. I didn’t want to send that email to you. In fact, I didn’t want to click ‘reply’ but ‘forward’. And I thought I had forwarded it :-) but it seems that I’ve sent it to you. Of course, it is meaningless to you :-).
Something without a beginning or an end. Please delete it.

Somebody tried to send a comment on one of my posts I regularly email to my readers. That note was intended to be sent to an acquaintance but by mistake I had received it instead. For me it was something to remember with a smile.

Now, please consider the case where you made a comment on a message of one of your potential acquirers and wanted to send this email to your lawyer but sent it by mistake back to that potential acquirer. Better still, don’t think about it at all! You should never go through such an experience, which could even have grave consequences.

“Never going through such an experience” depends somewhat on us. My recommendation: For all important subjects like selling your business prepare each email separately without using the previous sender or recipient information; enter the email addresses of the recipients one by one. I know from my own experience that this way the probability of making a mistake is decreased. ☺

The oldie of the week: Walker Brothers – The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore (1965)

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