April 24, 2014

Raindrops on Beethoven’s music

Beethoven worked on the Appassionata at a time when French soldiers occupied Vienna. One of Ludwig’s patrons – Prince Lichnowsky – befriended some of those soldiers. Resenting requests to perform for such people, in general, Beethoven exploded one night when Lichnowsky asked for a similar favor. Beethoven stormed out of the house, his Appassionata manuscript in hand. Rain streaks still mark the original Appassionata score. […] It is certainly his most impassioned work and his most violent musical utterance. (Source: www.awesomestories.com)

His anger helped Beethoven to produce one of his masterpieces. Would getting angry always help to achieve a better solution? In my experience, not in those cases where you are selling part or all of your business.

Anger makes one emotional: Good for Beethoven to get inspired but not always good for the ones selling their companies.
Anger causes one to make mistakes: Beethoven was a genius, not everyone is.
Anger closes doors: Beethoven did not care, but one might need them later.
Anger disturbs buyers: Beethoven was unique, one might not easily attain such a status.
Anger is not an agreement mode: Beethoven did not need such a mode; but one needs one for sure for the sale of a company.

If you want to listen to the 3rd movement of Appassionata please click here.

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