April 10, 2014

Happy End

Flying is still statistically the safest method of transportation to reach a certain destination. Yet there have been cases where a plane had to land before reaching that destination. And unfortunately most of these unplanned landings don’t get realized without demaging the original look of the plane and losing some lives.

The photographer Dietmar Eckell has made it a habit to visit the sites of plane crashes with no human fatalities to capture the planes’ photos reflecting their condition today. Thus he called his portfolio, which tells stories about the people who have survived, Happy End.

Your company has to land somewhere too… someday. It can land as planned, the existing pilots changing places with the ones of the newer generation or with the crew of a new partner. Otherwise it may have to make a crash landing, ending like thousands of companies and forgotten the next day. The survival rate in the unplanned company crashes should be higher than that in plane crashes… According to my observation in the case of business crashes one’s soul might get a hard hit.

Thus, be advised: fly safe, get your plane checked periodically and have enough petrol with you. ☺ And if you want your company to still fly high after you’re gone, either have children who want that business or a partner.

To view the photos in the Happy End please click here and chose ‘Happy End’ from the menu on the top of the screen.

The oldie of the week: Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (1989)

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