March 27, 2014

200 million records

It was freezing outside. When you entered into the building the warm air surrounded you like a saviour. When the man stepped into the concert hall a dense smoke welcomed him. The last thing that the man remembered was accepting a hand-rolled cigarette in bewilderment from the woman sitting next to him, taking a puff and passing it to the person on his other side. Through the years that concert would emerge in parts in his mind. As the members of the group giving that concert passed away in time, the music they played, which sold over 200 million in “records”, would gain an increasing importance in his life.

The group was Bee Gees, the place Chicago, the time a winter day way back in the past and the name of the man was Mehmet Soyer.

Recently I watched an interview in a TV program with Barry Gibb, who is the last living member of Bee Gees. I understood that now he sings old songs with his nephews and nieces and tries to hold on to life. This man could not be one of those musicians who made up my dreams.

Don’t exaggerate those who want to acquire your business. They may have a lot of money in the bank and countless pictures in the newspapers. However, they are also human beings. The important point is what you supply them as benefits. If you understand their needs correctly and show them how you can help them in those points, then they will acknowledge your work and maybe give you even more than your expectations.

Wishing that your pleasant memories always become better…

The oldie of the week: Bee Gees – Staying Alive (1977)

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