February 27, 2014

Zero relationship

Adam Bryant, columnist at The New York Times, reports Laszlo Bock, Google’s senior vice president for people operations, saying to him: “Years ago, we did a study to determine whether anyone at Google is particularly good at hiring. We looked at tens of thousands of interviews, and everyone who had done the interviews and what they scored the candidate, and how that person ultimately performed in their job. We found zero relationship.”

We utilise many tools and special know -how to systemise our operations. The hardest ones to apply are the ones concerning the people we employ. Mr. Bock should know. “We found zero relationship.”

So if you like the job some of your guys are doing, try to keep them even in the event of some big company coming in to be your partner. Do not think that the new partner knows all the methods and best ways to hire someone. He most probably is even thinking that he knows everything. ☺ Fight for your collegues until you convince your new partner that they are the best he can find.

The hardest thing in choosing a new person for your business is to find out how he will be functioning in your business environment. And this might take a long time to understand.

To read the whole article by Adam Bryant please click here.

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