January 2, 2014

How long is your 5-HTT?

U.K.’s Press Association reported a research conducted by a behavioral economist of London School of Economics which showed that a person’s happiness and satisfaction in life depends on the form of a specific gene, called 5-HTT.

The result revealed that those who inherit two “long” variants of the 5-HTT gene tended to be the happiest, with 17 percent more than the average, being “very satisfied” with life.

For those with just one “long” 5-HTT gene, the chance of being “very satisfied” was 8.5 percent higher (than the average). People with two “short” genes tended to be the least happy.

I do not know how long your 5-HTT(s) is. ☺ What I also do not know but care a lot about, as one of my readers, is your happiness.

My best wishes for you… to spend the new year in happiness…

ps. Hillel J. Einhorn’s (1941–1987) advice might be helpful: Although you might want things that you don’t have and wouldn’t want some of the things that you do have to be happier, think also about all the things, which make up a far bigger number that you don’t want and don’t have as well. ☺ (Source: Filtered reality: Emre Soyer at TEDxOZU)

The oldie of the week: The Troggs – Love Is All Around (1967)

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