December 5, 2013

Predicting sexuality based on Facebook profiles

From the Internet page of the American newspaper NY Daily News: “Gaydar project at MIT attempts to predict sexuality based on Facebook profiles. [...] In the project, dubbed Gaydar, (researchers) Jernigan and Mistree pored over Facebook data compiled from a software program looking at the gender and sexuality of a user’s friends. Based on that information, the students say people may be unintentionally ‘outing’ themselves [...]”

What do you think the managers of the companies who want to be partners with you in your business are doing before they come to visit you for the first time? Just only look at the information that we provide to them or would they also google you to find your pages in facebook, twitter, etc.?

I am sure most of them are not much interested in your sexual preferences but would be quite eager to view your social environment. I also believe that they would drive some conclusions out of what they learn about you. ☺

You do not need to hide yourself but should be careful. A message on one wall written to be a joke for a friend might end up to be a joke on you.

To read the NY Daily News article please click here.

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