November 21, 2013

Harvard Business Manager

I was walking around in the Zurich airport while waiting to board my plane. I couldn’t resist myself and went into one of the bookstores again. Even though my backpack was filled to the top with books… :-) As I went over the racks I noticed a magazine called Harvard Business Manager. I was curious to know what differentiated this magazine from Harvard Business Review and so decided to examine it. It included articles from Harvard Business Review,  translated into German.

Later, going through my purchase the cashier asked me whether I was aware that I was buying 3 copies of Harvard Business Manager. Upon my answer as, “An article of my son is in that magazine,” she smiled in a way to show that she understood me. Later, I questioned myself on my reasons of giving such an answer. I could have simply told her, “Yes, I am aware.”

In a way I had boasted to the cashier because of my son’s publication. I hadn’t considered that she could have been saddened by my answer due to a lot of reasons. For example her son might have been sick since his birth. And I had no economical or social gain due to my answer as given.

We advise our clients to control their egos during the negotiation discussions concerning the sales of their company. We do not know the sensitive points of the other party, sitting across us and with whom we are trying to form an agreement. I repeat this advice many times each year. In the moment that I saw my son’s article and got excited over it, I had acted completely against what I have been advising.

The smile of the cashier informed me that the conditions hadn’t worked against me. I owe a thanks to my luck. :-)

If you want to view the presentation of my son, Emre Soyer, at TEDex about the subject he deals with, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Three Dog Night – Joy To The World (1970)

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