September 26, 2013

A brassiere story

Many people store away their winter wear when summer arrives and their summer wear when winter begins. Most probably he also wanted to do just that when he put his belongings away. He could not know that this would make history one day.

According to an essay in the German newspaper Die Zeit those living in the city Bad Cannstatt in Germany have been considering themselves to be the inventor of brassiere because bras were manufactured in their city since 1912. Thus, they were shocked when a textile historian, named Beatrix Nutz, found under the wooden floor in the Lengberg castle in the Austrian Alps a pair of panties and three pieces of brassieres from the 15th century. (There goes my gossip news. ☺)

As far as I can understand discussions are still continuing concerning this discovery. Some are discussing the shape of these antique brassieres while others claim that these brassieres had been worn by men…

When you look at a business you expect to see some pictures as a result of your experiences and general knowledge. We tell our clients, who want to sell their businesses, what a potential acquirer would like to see at the negotiation table. During our work on the project we might come across some unexpected and questionable information about the business.

My approach is not to bring up into the negotiations those aspects, which do not deliver a gain to the potential acquirer, during the first meetings. Afterwards when both parties get to know each other better, you may talk about brassieres left from the 15th century.

The oldie of the week: Jim Croce – Time In A Bottle (1973)

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