August 29, 2013


When did you do your last crazy act? Or are you one of those who run away if there is any craziness involved? ☺ Of course, the definition of craziness differs from one person to another but as we get older the level of the crazy things we do decreases relatively.

With my knowledge and experience of today, when I consider all that I’ve done in the past, I sometimes have difficulty recognizing myself. I don’t think that this situation is particular only to me.

When we start to talk about their companies with some of our clients, selling part or all of their company shares, we can guess that their pasts also include some “crazy” experiences. When we somewhat dig in, the details of these experiences come out easily. I tell them to talk about some of these in the negotiation discussions. “Well, they’ll call us crazy,” says the businessman generally. “Immediately afterwards you will describe a real experience that is full of logic,” I answer him. “They should understand that they will be partners with the person with such extensive experiences. It is not possible for them not to be affected!”

Moreover, Albert Einstein’s following saying is applicable in all times: “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

Really, what was your latest craziness?

The oldie of the week: Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise (1989)

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