August 22, 2013

What’s good for Vienna is good for us too!

Radetzky March is a march composed by Johann Strauss Sr. in 1848. Strauss was commissioned to write the piece for a celebration of Marshal Joseph Radetzky’s victory at the Battle of Custoza.

When it was first played in front of Austrian officers they spontaneously clapped and stamped their feet when they heard the chorus. This tradition is kept alive today when the march is played in classical music venues in Vienna, among members of the audience who are familiar with the tradition. It is almost always played as the last piece at the Vienna New Year Concert. (Source: Wikipedia)

This blog you are reading is the 200th of reflections. As we start the third hundred, I thought that a celebration is needed. Since I do not have the possibility of gathering all of my thousands of readers in one place, I propose that we celebrate this occasion separately at different places but with the same music.

I thank you hundreds of times for having read my blogs and for having made comments on them.

Those of you who wish to celebrate with me with Radetzky March conducted by Herbert von Karajan may click here.

The oldie of the week: Dave Clark 5 : Cath Us If You Can (1965)

ps. Starting this week reflections has new newsletter and website designs. I hope you like them.

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